ABC’s Lincoln Square Productions and People Magazine have partnered to produce 4 hours of inspiring, engaging, and captivating must-see television for a new Primetime series, “PEOPLE icons,” hosted by ABC News’ Lara Spencer.  PEOPLE icons: “Heroes & Survivors” will air Tuesday, March 14th on ABC 10pm EST. 

“Heroes and Survivors” is an uplifting hour special that shines a light on the most harrowing, triumphant, and inspiring real-life survival and hero stories of recent memory, who defied all odds and touched America’s hearts.  

We’ll feature unbelievable stories of survival, like the hero Mom, Stephanie Decker, who lost both of her legs protecting her two young children during a series of tornadoes. We hear from, Austin Hatch, the college student who barely escaped death, after surviving two separate plane crashes, and losing his entire family- not once, but twice!  We’ll take a look at how he’s carrying today. His tale of incredible loss, and perseverance is one you won’t want to miss. 

We revisit and update the survivor news stories no one can forget, like Lauren Scruggs, the beautiful model who survived a tragic accident - we’ll check in on how the newlywed is doing today.  Remember Baby Jessica? The toddler who was famously trapped in the drain pipe for days?  We talk with her 30-years later, to see how her life is today.  And we'll check in with an unbelievable kid survivor, Zion Harvey, who was the first child to receive a double hand transplant and pet and “celebrity heroes” you won’t believe!

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