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Stephanie Decker was 1 of 10 finalists from over 4,000 applicants across the country to be honored at an award ceremony in New York City. L’Oreal Paris donated to the Stephanie Decker foundation for the great work that Stephanie and her foundation does to help children with missing limbs.

The Beginning 

As an average spring shower turned deadly in Henryville, Indiana on March 2, 2012, 37 year old wife and mother of three, Stephanie Decker, found herself faced with that split second, life-altering dilemma that most people pray they will never have to experience. A category 4 tornado was speeding toward her home, leaving nothing but massive destruction in its path. As she scrambled to rush her children to safety, her home began to collapse all around her.

Shielding her 8 year old son Dominic, and her 5 year old daughter Reese with her body, Stephanie moved back and forth to prevent bricks from hitting her children as her legs were crushed in the debris. Gone as quickly as it arrived, the tornado had rendered her helpless and bleeding in a huge pile of rubble. She urged her children, who were unharmed, to run and get help. With tremendous courage and the determination to survive, Stephanie prayed as she issued a heartfelt message to her children on her cell phone. This was not the end for her however, it was an incredible new beginning…

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Stephanie decker

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Stephanie decker

The only limitations in

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